What is a Property Identification Code?

Property Identification Codes (PIC) are fundamental to the operation of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).  If you have livestock you are required by law to have a PIC for the properties on which your livestock reside.  A PIC is a unique eight digit number assigned by Local Land Services and provides traceability to specific properties, which is important in the event of disease control or residue problems.

How do I find out what my PIC is?

Contact your Local Land Services region or check your most recent Local Land Services rates notice (formerly Rural Lands Protection Board rates notice)

How do I obtain a PIC?

To obtain a PIC you must complete an application form and lodge it with your Local Land Services office.


What is the National Livestock Identification System?

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is a part of Federal and State Government biosecurity strategies to trace meat from paddock to plate and to safeguard our domestic and export markets.  It involves electronic identification of cattle and centralised recording of movements on a national database. 

What do I have to do to comply with the NLIS?

All cattle, irrespective of age, have to be identified with an NLIS device before they leave any property.  Saleyards are required to notify the NLIS database of all cattle being sold.  Abattoirs are required to notify the database of all cattle slaughtered.

All movements of cattle between properties must be notified to the NLIS database.

Are there different identifiers for different cattle?

Yes.  There are two types and colours:

-        White breeder devices are used on cattle born on that property.
-        Orange post-breeder devices are used on unidentified cattle brought from another property.  
 types are available as either ear devices or rumen boluses.


What is an NVD?

The Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declarations are required for any movement of stock that is to be sold to processors, saleyards or privately.  Producers can obtain NVD documents through Meat & Livestock Australia Livestock Production Assurance scheme or call their hotline 1800 683 111

Can transport be arranged to deliver my stock to the saleyards?

Bowe & Lidbury can provide you with details of stock carriers in your local area, through one of our offices or make your enquiry direct to our livestock agents.

I would like to purchase a bull.  Can Bowe & Lidbury help?

Apart from our annual special bull sales, we are also regularly in contact with producers and can assist with all your livestock requirements.  Details of quality bulls for sale can be obtained on our website.