Maitland Liveweight Report 14th October 2019 

A total yarding of 400 liveweight cattle this week. Trade cattle trend was firm to 20 c/kg dearer and export cattle was 12-20 c/kg dearer. Quality and condition was up overall with a good run of well finished prime vealers. Export market also a fair bit dearer.

Charity steer for Cancer Council donated by Geoffrey Payne & Linda Smith. Santa Steer made $14/kg to G&J Ernst, a repeat buyer. Great result!

Trade Cattle - vealers 250-338 c/kg; yearling steers 250-322 c/kg; yearling heifers 205-318 c/kg
Export Cattle -  heifers 225 c/kg; cows 175-240 c/kg; bulls 180-240 c/kg.

Rodney McDonald
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Maitland Liveweight Report 30th September 2019

Total yarding of 500 head this week, 50 less export. Quality and condition was down overall. It was a plainer yarding of cattle. A lot more light restocker cattle this week. Same story in the export market, most cows were boner/restocker types. Vealer trend fully firm, restocker steer trend fully firm to 10 c/kg cheaper, restocker heifer trend firm to 20 c/kg on plainer types, yearling trend firm, Euro x vealers to feed trend firm, export steer & heifer trend firm, export cow trend firm to 6 c/kg cheaper on plain cows.

Best vealers 290-336.2 c/kg; medium vealers 150-280 c/kg; light vealers under 230kgs 150-250 c/kg; yearling cattle to kill 230-332 c/kg; yearling steers 200-300 c/kg; yearling heifers 150-232 c/kg; plain cattle 100-150 c/kg; restocker angus weaner steers 220-280 c/kg; restocker angus weaner heifers 140-230 c/kg; restocker other breed steers 180-260 c/kg; restocker other breed weaner heifers 120-210 c/kg; euro steers/heifers to the feed 200-280 c/kg; export steers 210-250 c/kg; export heifers 200-210 c/kg; best cows 200-210 c/kg; medium cows 175-205 c/kg; light/boner cows 100-160 c/kg; bulls 170-215 c/kg; calves $10-$120.

Rodney McDonald
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Maitland Liveweight Report 16th September 2019

Total yarding of 834 head this week. Quality and condition was very mixed. All regular buyers operated with a few extra local restockers in the market on anticipation of rain. Trade cattle firm, export cattle firm and restocker cattle firm to 20 c/kg dearer.

Trade cattle -  Vealers 170-330 c/kg; yearling steers 220-326 c/kg; yearling heifers 160-320 c/kg
Export Cattle - Heifers 190-230 c/kg; cows 120-233 c/kg; bulls 150-200 c/kg (quality a factor)

Rodney McDonald
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Maitland Liveweight Report 9th September 2019

A total yarding of 550 head.  Quality and condition down starting to slip as most cattle today is going back to the restockers. Restocker heifers lost the most this week. Restocker Angus steers firm. Trade cattle firm to kill and export cattle firm to 4 c/kg cheaper.

Trade cattle -  Vealers 110-340 c/kg; yearling steers 180-336 c/kg; yearling heifers 120-326 c/kg
Export Cattle - Heifers 200-235 c/kg; grown steers/bullocks 220-280 c/kg; cows 130-235 c/kg; bulls 170-210 c/kg

Rodney McDonald
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Maitland Liveweight Report 2nd September 2019

There was a total yarding of 350 head. Decreased yarding after Father's day and a couple days of rain. Rain was patchy and hugged the central coast and coast line. Trade cattle trend was firm to 10 c/kg dearer, while the export cattle trend was 4-8 c/kg better. 

Trade cattle -  Weaner steers 230-305 c/kg; weaner heifers 200-260 c/kg; Vealers 280-325 c/kg; yearling steers 240-328 c/kg; yearling heifers 1902-319 c/kg
Export Cattle - Heifers 220-245 c/kg; grown steers/bullocks 235-280 c/kg; cows 180-245 c/kg

Rodney McDonald
0429 873 405

Maitland Liveweight Report 26th August 2019

There were 750 liveweight cattle yarded.  Vealer trend was firm to 5 c/kg dearer, restocker tren 10-25 c/kg dearer and export trend 5-10 c/kg dearer.

Best Vealers 280 to 337 c/kg; Medium Vealers 170 to 275 c/kg; Light Vealers 160 to 260 c/kg; Restocker steers 190 to 299 c/kg; Restocker heifers 110 to 230 c/kg; Export steers 245 to 263 c/kg; cows 100 to 237 c/kg; bulls 180 to 310 c/kg; yearling steers 150 to 310 c/kg; yearling heifers 110 to 290 c/kg.

For more of a detailed report, please contact one of the auctioneers.