Maitland Liveweight Report 19th March 2018

There was a yarding total of 350  liveweight cattle . Firm for export and trade cattle.Quality and condition was mixed.

Best vealers 300-343 c/kg; light & medium vealers 270-338 c/kg; yearlings steers 260-320 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 225-310 c/kg; restocker steers 290-340 c/kg; restocker heifers 240-280 c/kg; Export Heifers 220-240 c/kg; Export steers/bullocks 245-300 c/kg cows 120-210 c/kg, bulls 210-255 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 12th March 2018

There was a yarding total of 350  liveweight cattle . Firm to 5c dearer for export cattle.2c to 8c dear for trade cattle. Quality was mixed.

Best vealers 300-348 c/kg; light & medium vealers 290-430 c/kg; yearlings steers 270-320 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 250-320 c/kg; restocker steers 300-350 c/kg; restocker heifers 270-330 c/kg; Export steers/bullocks 230-240 c/kg cows 150-235 c/kg, bulls 215-250 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 5th March 2018

There was a yarding total of 250  liveweight cattle + 35 calves. Firm to 4c dearer for export cattle. 5c to 20 c dear for trade cattle. Smaller yarding due to the sale on Saturday and the rain on Sunday.

Best vealers 300-341 c/kg; light & medium vealers 290-332 c/kg; yearlings steers 270-315 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 250-310 c/kg; restocker steers 300-332 c/kg; restocker heifers 270-310 c/kg; Export steers/bullocks 220-240 c/kg cows 187-209 c/kg, bulls 180-220 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 26th February 2018

There was a yarding total of 500 liveweight cattle. Firm to 3c dearer for Export Cattle. 5c to 20 c dear for Trade Cattle. Numbers back after rain quality and condition down.

Best vealers 280-320 c/kg; light & medium vealers 270-330 c/kg; yearlings steers 260-304 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 240-300 c/kg; restocker  steers 280-387 c/kg; restocker heifers 250-290 c/kg; Export steers/bullocks 220-240 c/kg cows 170-212 c/kg, bulls 180-240 c/kg.


This week Maitland Saleyards yarded 650 cattle for a 100% clearance. Quality and condition was mixed. A good line of PTIC females, while cows and calves were mainly in store condition. Heifer weaners very good.  Market trend was mixed. The cows and calves market was dearer in places, while cheaper for the plainer ones. The PTIC females was a bit harder than previous years, however still sold to good competition. Still very limited down here in the Hunter Valley to find homes for all these cattle. Buyers in attendance were from, Dubbo, Nyngan, Kempsey, Gloucester and Victoria.

HEIFERS: Weaners: 300 head 6-18mths $500-$1000 to average $685 (Trend +$15)

PTIC: 80 head  $800- $1300 to average $1,100 (Trend Firm)

COWS: Cows with calves: 200 head 2yrs-10yrs $800-$1900 to average $1,300 (Trend Firm)

PTIC: 70 head 5yrs-10yrs $800 -$1400 to average $920 (Trend  -$15)

Joined Cows:30 head 4yrs-10yrs $500 - $1,170 to average $800 (Trend Firm)

A/C Victoria Park, Camden sold 60 Angus cows and calves from 2 to 10 yrs old. In store condition. Top pens made $1,500 to average $1,400. 

A/C Cooreei P/L, Dungog sold 14 Angus cows and calves for $1,520 to John Watson, Gresford. Cooreei P/L sold a pen of Angus heifers NSM for $1,000 to Chris Unicomb.

A/C Logan Leigh, Nabiac sold Angus heifers 10 months for $870 to Baily Singleton.

A/C B&M Duncan, East Seaham sold 80 Angus weaner heifers 6-8 months old to a top of $700 to Frank Terezini, Woodville.

For more of a detailed report, please contact one of the auctioneers.