Maitland Liveweight Report 17th June 2019 

A total yarding of 1,025 liveweight cattle this week. Vealer trend firm to dearer, restocker trend firm with the heifer market dearer, and export trend firm.

Best vealers 270-330 c/kg; medium vealers 220-290 c/kg; light vealers 170-272 c/kg; restocker steers 160-299 c/kg; restocker heifers 145-270 c/kg; export steers 210-230 c/kg; cows 122-211 c/kg; bulls 120-180 c/kg.

Maitland Store Sale Report 15th June 2019

A total yarding this week of 1050 cattle with 100% clearance. Quality and condition was mixed with some of the cattle showing the effects of the dry conditions. A mixed yarding of local cattle at this store sale - with there being a good run of Angus steers & heifer weaners. With local competition and also buyers from Victoria and Queensland.

A/c A.G Secombe, Fishers Hill, sold their Angus weaners with their steers for $870. Their heifers topped at $740.


Weaners - 400 head; 3-12mths; $300-$925; Average $580; Trend +$50; Top $925
Yearlings - 125 head; 12-18mths; $300-$1,100; Average $800; Trend firm; Top $1,100
Grown - 65 head; 3-5yrs; $900-$1,530; Average $980; Trend +$25; Top $1,530


Weaners - 300 head; 4-12mths; $200-$850; Average $528; Trend firm +$10; Top $850
PTIC - 55 head; 18mths-2.5yrs; $720-$1,060; Average $850; Trend firm; Top $1,060

Cows with Calves - 60 head; 2.5-10yrs; $750-$1,500; Average $900; Trend -$10; Top $1,500
PTIC - 40 head; 4-10yrs; $600-$1,000; Average $640; Trend -$10; Top $1,000
Unjoined - 20 head; 4-10yrs; $500-$800; Average $600; Trend firm; Top $800

Maitland Liveweight Report 3rd June 2019

A total yarding of 950 liveweight cattle this week. Vealer trend 10-20 c/kg dearer, restocker trend 15-35 c/kg, and export trend remained firm. 

Best vealers 260-336 c/kg; medium vealers 200-245 c/kg; light vealers 200-270 c/kg; restocker steers 230-310 c/kg; restocker heifers 170-245 c/kg; cows 120-200 c/kg; bulls 170-217 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 13th May 2019

A total yarding of 900 cattle Monday, the quality and condition was not as good overall as last weeks sale but still some great lines of prime cattle and well bred restockers hitting the market.​

The export market remained strong with all the exporters competing at firm rates. The trade section saw one buyer not in attendance, but a new Sydney buyer operating on feeder cattle.​

Best vealers lost ground by 10-15 c/kg in places, medium vealers 20 c/kg cheaper, light vealers firm to a shade cheaper, restocker cattle on an average lost 15 c/kg on the previous sale. By all reports last week the 6th of May was the top of it after nice rainfall falling over a lot of NSW and Victoria since the 6th with a dearer trend in the prices a lot of cattle hit the market and probably over supplied the demand. A lot of the large buyers from the West and South are still needing much more rain and water to get any great confidence to buy more cattle. In saying all of this, we have seen the market dearer but we have also seen it a lot cheaper. I think it's been a real testament to the industry to hold the market up to where it is considering we have been in one of the biggest droughts seen in NSW, VIC and SA.​

Best cows 190-212 c/kg; medium cows 170-199 c/kg; light cows 80-168 c/kg; Bulls 136-180 c/kg; export steers 200-235 c/kg; best vealers 255-300 c/kg; medium vealers 170-240 c/kg; light vealers 155-260 c/kg; restocker Angus steers 250-290 c/kg; restocker coloured steers 210-270 c/kg; restocker heifers 155-215 c/kg; heifers to go to feedlot 200-260 c/kg; yearling steers 210-270 c/kg; yearling heifers 180-255 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 6th May 2019

A total yarding of 750 liveweight cattle this week. Vealer trend firm, Restocker trend 10-25 c/kg dearer, and export trend firm. 

Best vealers 270-301 c/kg; medium vealers 220-270 c/kg; light vealers 222-290 c/kg; restocker steers 150-302 c/kg; restocker heifers 200-242 c/kg; export steers 240-255 c/kg; cows 140-212 c/kg; bulls 180-220 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 1st April 2019 

A total yarding of 630 liveweight cattle this week. Export Cattle firm to 10c cheaper. Trade Cattle firm to 20c cheaper. Good yarding of cattle this week. All regular buyers operated.

Best vealers 260-306 c/kg; light & medium vealers 170-240 c/kg; yearling steers 210-280 c/kg; yearling heifers 180-273 c/kg; restocker steer weaners/vealers 200-270 c/kg; restocker heifers weaners/vealers 170-230 c/kg; Export heifers 210-220 c/kg; Export steers/bullocks 220-240 c/kg; cows 150-211 c/kg.

For more of a detailed report, please contact one of the auctioneers.