Maitland Liveweight Report 13th November 2017

There was a yarding total of 500 liveweight cattle. Better yarding of cattle this week. All regular buyers in attendance with rates firm to 10 c/kg stronger.

Best vealers 310-350 c/kg; light & medium vealers 300-400 c/kg; yearlings steers 300-330 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 284-325 c/kg; restock of steers 300-400 c/kg; restock of heifers 270-360 c/kg; cows 160-226 c/kg, bulls 197-210 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 6th November 2017

There was a yarding total of 200 liveweight cattle. Small yarding this week after a wet weekendAll regular buyers in attendance with rates firm to 10 c/kg stronger.

Best vealers 300-340 c/kg; light & medium vealers 300-360 c/kg; yearlings steers 290-330 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 270-330 c/kg; restock of steers 300-361 c/kg; restock of heifers 300-340 c/kg; cows 190-220 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 30th October 2017

There was a yarding total of 260 liveweight cattle. Small yarding this week after store sale. Quality of cattle very mixed. Market strong. All regular buyers in attendance with rates firm to 10 c/kg stronger.

Best vealers 300-360 c/kg; medium vealers 280-330 c/kg; light vealers 330-390 c/kg; yearlings steers 300-360 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 270-344 c/kg; restock of steers 300-380 c/kg; restock of heifers 280-340 c/kg; best cows 212-220 c/kg; medium cows 180-202 c/kg; bulls 200-235 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 23rd October 2017

A total yarding of 300 liveweight cattle. Rain reduced yarding quality was good overall. All regular buyers and attendance with rates firm to dearer. We saw a great quality yarding of butcher vealers 300-400 kgs topping at 355 c/kg. Angus restock of steer stopping at 414 c/kg. Export market firm to 10c/kg dearer. 

Best vealers 310-355 c/kg; medium vealers 305-342; light vealers 310-356; yearlings steers 290-348 c/kg;  yearlings heifers 285-346 c/kg; restock of steers 320-414 c/kg; restock of heifers 300-340 c/kg; best cows 220-225 c/kg; light restock/boners cows 170-200 c/kg; bulls 200-210 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight cattle 16th October 2017

There was a yarding of 425 liveweight cattle. All regular buyer in attendance for this sale with rates firm to dearer. We saw a great run of butcher vealers offered with markets for those cattle firm to 8c/kg stronger. The big mover this week was with the restocker weaners. Angus steers topping at 389c/kg that up to 35c/kg stronger than previous weeks. Export Market was firm to 6c/kg stronger. Over cattle market has jumped back up with the recent rain in certain parts of New South Wales and southern Queensland. On Monday we had a Charolais/ Santa steer 600kgs donated by they Smith and Payne family of Quorrobolong funds to relay for life (Cancer Council NSW) the steer made 16.74c/kg coming back at $10,127

Best Vealers 315 to 346c/kg; Medium Vealers 265 to 320c/kg; Light weight vealers 318 to 390c/kg; Yearling steers 285 to 352c/kg; Yearling heifers 250 to 332c/kg; Restockers Steers 300 to 389c/kg; Restocker Heifers 260 to 330; Euro Heifers to feed 295 to 320c/kg; Export Heifers N/A Grown Steers and Bullocks 245 to 262c/kg; Best cows 210 to 222c/kg; Medium Cows 175 to 208c/kg; Light boner cows 160 to 175c/kg; Bulls toped at 235c/kg;

For a more detailed report please contact one of the auctioneers at Bowe & Lidbury


A total yarding this week of 450 cattle, with the trend for Export and Trade cattle being firm to 10c cheaper.  Overall, a good run of vealers while the reset of the yarding quality was down.

Best Vealers $2.80/kg-$3.42/kg; Light & Medium Vealers $2.40/kg-$3.00/kg; Light Veal $3.50/kg; Yearling Steers $2.30/kg-$2.85/kg; Yearling Heifers $2.00/kg-$2.80/kg; Restocker Steer Weaners/Vealers $2.40/kg - $3.05/kg; Restocker Heifer Weaners/Vealers $2.10/kg - $2.50/kg; Export heifers $2.00/kg - $2.20/kg; Export Steers/Bullocks $2.15/kg-$2.30/kg; Cows $1.50/kg-$2.17/kg; Bulls $1.70/kg-$2.20/kg


A large contingent of buyers attended the annual Tocal Stock Horse Sale.With buyers bidding on the 18 lots available from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

The top price lot being Tocal Oriana selling for $24,000.00.The sale average was $10,222.00 while the sale average was up it is also important to note that 13 lots offered for sale made from $3500.00 to $9500.00

The fact that students of the horse course at Tocal prepare these horses for sale, the information available and the ability for potential purchases to ride the horses in the week before sale are all unique aspects of the Tocal sale each year.

The staff and students should be congratulated on their presentation of horses in what is a very important part of the Tocal rural studies.


This week Maitland Saleyards yarded 800 cattle for a 100% clearance. Quality and condition was a mixed yarding of cattle with the older cattle showing the effects of the day conditions. Market trend was firm to dearer with the quality cattle selling to a deared market. Secondary lines of cattle selling firm.  

HEIFERS: Weaners: 100 head 3-12mths $450-$900 to average $580 (Trend +$25)

Unjoined Heifers: 80 head 14mths-2yrs $1,000 - $1,400 to average $1,100 (Trend +$50)

PTIC: 125 head 18mths-3yrs $850-$1,850 to average $1,400 (Trend +$40)

COWS: Cows with calves: 300 head 3yrs-10yrs $1,000-$2,450 to average $1,600 (Trend firm to +100)

Unjoined Cows:75 head 4yrs-10yrs $700 - $1,300 to average $1,000 (Trend +$20)

A/C Cooreei Pty Ltd, Dungog sold Angus Heifers PTIC to Angus Bulls for $1,850 to Dorney Family of Bulahdelah

A/C Barry Henderson, Gloucester sold a run of Cows and Calves with the top yard of Angus Cows and Euro Calves at foot making $1,720 to Barry Warner of Stroud

A/C Standford, Bishop Bridge had a herd dispersal of Brangus Cows and Calves with the top making $1,800 to Denis Viscor

A/C Birdhill Chickens, Vacy sold 13 Angus Heifers and Calves for $2,350 to John Unicomb of Westbrook

For more of a detailed report, please contact one of the auctioneers.