Maitland Liveweight Report 12th August 2019

Total yarding of 450 head.  Quality and condition down with most of the penning being suitable for restockers. Trade cattle firm to 10 c/kg cheaper and export cattle 5-15 c/kg cheaper.

Trade cattle -  Vealers 210-325 c/kg; yearling steers 230-322 c/kg; yearling heifers 190-312 c/kg
Export Cattle - Heifers 255 c/kg; cows 120-250 c/kg; bulls 160-225 c/kg

Maitland Liveweight Report 5th August 2019

There was a total yarding of 700 head.  Quality and condition down. This week all regular buyers operated heavy cattle over 260kgs firm to 10 c/kg cheaper, light weaners lost the most ground. Trade cattle firm to 15 c/kg cheaper and export cattle 4-12 c/kg cheaper.

Trade cattle -  Vealers 220-330 c/kg; yearling steers 270-326 c/kg; yearling heifers 232-319 c/kg
Export Cattle - Heifers 210-255 c/kg; grown steers/bullocks 230-266 c/kg; cows 175-240 c/kg; bulls 210-240 c/kg


It's been a strong start to the financial year. This July we have witnessed the cattle markets improve up to 65-70 c/kg from the June market. It is the strongest we have seen the cattle this year.

We are witnessing a lot of Victorian/ Southern interest in the market for the restocker cattle with the runs of Angus steers topping out at 320 c/kg and restocker heifers at 278 c/kg, butcher vealers 300 to 450kgs good enough for the trade are in short supply with that we are seeing the market pick up with the top of the butcher vealers making 345 c/kg; A very solid export market with great competition for all grades of export cattle with the best cows making 248 c/kg and the Bulls topping at 250 c/kg.


Maitland Store Sale Report 20th July 2019

 There were 700 locally bred store cattle yarded. There was good competition from the South, Local and feedlots.


Grown steers & Bullocks              $900 to $1450                     Avg        $1250

Yearling steers                              $750 to $1320                     Avg        $1180

 Weaner steers                             $350 to $1000                     Avg        $690

Cows & Calves                             $850 to $1650                     Avg        $1230

PTIC Females                               $700 to $1550                     Avg        $1100

Unjoined Females                         $580 to $1450                     Avg        $950

Yearling Heifers (NSM)                 $600 to $1200                     Avg        $750

Weaner Heifers                              $300 to $900                      Avg        $600



Maitland Liveweight Report 22nd July 2019

 There were 580 liveweight cattle yarded.  With all regular buyers in attendance for this sale and a few new orders coming into the market.

Best Butcher Vealers 300 to 345 c/kg; Medium Vealers 260 to 309 c/kg; Lightweight Vealers 240 to 280 c/kg; Angus Restocker steers 270 to 320 c/kg; Euro cross restocker steers 268 to 306 c/kg; Restocker heifers 250 to 278 c/kg; Euro cross heifers 270 to 292 c/kg; yearling steers 270 to 330 c/kg; yearling heifers 260 to 322 c/kg; Grown steers and Bullocks 240 to 278 c/kg; Export heifers 218 to 244 c/kg; Best cows 228 to 248 c/kg; Medium cows 205 to 224 c/kg; light boner cows 200 to 218 c/kg; and bulls topping at 250 c/kg. 

Maitland Liveweight Report 15th July 2019 

A total yarding of 600 liveweight cattle this week. Trade cattle 5-14 c/kg dearer and export cattle 6-15 c/kg dearer. Quality mixed and market trend dearer overall. Prime cattle getting harder to find.

Trade Cattle - vealers 230-331 c/kg; yearling steers 262-321 c/kg; yearling heifers 238-319 c/kg
Export Cattle -  heifers 230 c/kg; grown steers/bullocks, quality down, 210-270 c/kg; cows 170-269 c/kg; bulls 180-214 c/kg.

Maitland Liveweight Report 8th July 2019 

A total yarding of 459 liveweight cattle this week. Vealer trend up to 30 c/kg dearer, restocker trend 10-15 c/kg dearer, and export trend 5-10 c/kg dearer.

Best vealers 275-324 c/kg; medium vealers 240-292 c/kg; light vealers 150-289 c/kg; restocker steers 190-295 c/kg; restocker heifers 170-275 c/kg; export steers 199-242 c/kg; cows 132-232 c/kg; bulls 160-230 c/kg.

For more of a detailed report, please contact one of the auctioneers.