Friday 13th November 
Commencing 9am

A/c Mackas Pastoral Pty Ltd, Gloucester 

65 quality Angus weaner heifers 
Vendor bred, grass fed & antibiotic free
218kg average

54 quality Angus weaner heifers
Vendor bred, grass fed & antibiotic free
220kg average 

58 quality Angus weaner steers
Vendor bred, grass fed & antibiotic free
Great even line of steers
269kg average 

All the above weaners are sired by Knowla, Curracabark and Sugarloaf stud Angus sires out of large frame station bred Angus Cows. All weaners are up to date with their health treatments. The Mackas Pastoral weaners are well renowned for their doing abilities.

110 outstanding NSM yearling Angus heifers 
Vendor bred, 15/16mths, ready to join
385kg average 
(Sold as run out the gate lots of 55)

Mackas Pastoral assure you can buy with confidence that this is a quality line of NSM heifers. 
The heifers were born and bred on their WOKO property and are sired by Heart & Curracabark Angus Sires. 
These heifers represent the top draft from Woko 2019 drop, none have been retained and the bottom draft of heifers have been drafted off and sold.
Weaner Heifers 

Weaner Steers 

Yearling Heifers

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