Livestock Sales


Commencing 12 noon
800 Quality Locally Produced Females 800

Featuring 200 Cows & Calves (Early Entries incl)

A/c Ambiad PTY, Complete Herd Dispersal
13 Angus Cows 4/7yo & Angus Calves Autumn drop
Rejoined to Stud Angus Bull
16 Angus Cows 2/6yo & Angus calves

A/c Ken Chandler, Gresford
20 Angus Cows & Angus calves 3rd to 4th calf at foot

A/c Figtree Hills, Morpeth
20 Angus Cows & Angus calves 6/7yo
Exc Quality, good milking cows, sappy calves

A/c Corry Glen Angus, Gloucester
10 Pure Angus Cows & Angus calves (M drop)

A/c Sylvester Cattle Co, Anambah
12 Angus & Brangus Heifers & calves
10 Hereford Heifers Calved or Springing

A/c Valley View, Buchanan (Prop Sold)
25 Angus & BB Cows & calves

A/c R & B Livestock
10 Angus Cows & calves (Waverley & Sugarloaf Blood)

A/c Clinton Tull, Lochinvar
10 Angus Cows & 6mth calves rejoined 

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
3 Angus Cows & Angus Heifer Calves 5yo rejoined to Sugarloaf Stud Bulls

A/c Barnett Dairies
12 Angus x Friesian Heifers & Shorthorn calves poddy reared mothers, rejoined to Angus 

A/c Rose Briar Investments PTY LTD (Herd Dispersal)
10 Black Limousin Cows & calves
30 Limousin Cows & calves 4 to 8 years 
15 Limousin x Aged Cows & calves 
Calves all 1 to 3 mths sired by Progress Major League M12 (HP*)

Featuring Purebred Poll Herefords
A/c Marion Tollard, Dungog
2 Poll Hereford Cows & calves

A/c A & C McDonald, Mondeo Poll Herefords
3 Stud Poll Hereford Heifers 12mths - 15mths & 28mths (photos below)

A/c Paddington Green Poll Herefords
 1 Stud Poll Hereford Cow 4yo & calf
2 Stud Poll Hereford Heifers 13/14mths (images below) 

Featuring 350 Preg Tested In Calf Females (Early Entries incl)

A/c Sylvester Cattle Co, Anambah
40 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC
20 Black Baldy Heifers 2yo PTIC
20 Brangus Heifers 2yo PTIC
20 Shorthorn Heifers 2yo PTIC
20 Droughtmaster Heifers Joined
All Joined to Boambee & Sylvester LBW Angus Bulls

A/c Hunter Valley Cattle Co
40 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC to Angus 
10 Black Baldy Heifers 2yo PTIC to Angus
15 Brangus Heifers 2yo PTIC to Angus 

A/c Valley View, Buchanan (Prop Sold)
25 Angus & BB Heifers 20mths to 5.5yo PTIC to Glenavon & Boambee Angus

A/c Junction Pastoral, Rouchel
30 Hereford Heifers 2yo Joined
20 Angus & Black Baldy Heifers 2yo Joined
Good quality 1 mark heifers, joined to Erinvale Angus Bulls from the 20th May for 12 weeks

A/c Figtree Hills, Morpeth
13 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC to Sugarloaf 
Blood Angus Bulls good quality
10 Murray Grey Heifers 2yo to Angus Bulls

A/c Stone Mountain, Gresford
7 Angus Cows 3/4yo Joined for past 2mths 

Featuring 200 Yearling & Weaner Heifers (Early Entries incl)

A/c Wallabrook Charolais, Hinton
17 Pure Charolais Heifers 12/14mths unjoined Rosedale Bloodlines

A/c The Breeder, Gloucester
50 Angus Heifers 12 months sired by Knowla & Sugarloaf Angus

A/c Stone Mountain, Gresford
24 Angus Heifers 12mths, Knowla & Waverley Angus blood

A/c Woodville Park, Woodville
11 Angus Heifers 14mths NSM Sugarloaf Blood

A/c Paddington Green Poll Herefords

A/c Mondeo Stud 

Further Entries Invited & Expected
Contact us for more details.

Due to Covid-19, we ask for no children and anyone that has flu like symptoms to not attend the sale.
Everybody will have to register on entry into the saleyards. 

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