Special Store Cattle Sale

 Saturday 17th August 2019

Commencing at 12 noon

700 Quality Cattle 700

Comprising of weaners, yearlings, grown cattle & breeders

A/c Ken Chandler, Gresford

18 Angus & Black Baldy Cows & calves

calf 6weeks by Sugarloaf bull, cows 5/6yo

A/c Ben Varley, Gresford

32 Angus x Santa Heifers & calves

one mark, good young breeders

A/c The Vendor, Gloucester 

50 Angus Heifers & Calves (Big Calves)

A/c J & S Murphy, East Gresford

5 Angus Cows PTIC 5yo

11 Angus Cows PTIC 6yo to KO Bull

Well bred cows Pinecreek & Forres blood

1 Angus Bull 8yo LBW

A/c Gloucester Clients

50 Angus mixed sex weaners

A/c TYCE Farms, Pokolbin

50 Steers Angus & Brangus x Steers 

all weaned 7/9mths 

A/c Chessenden PTY, Eccleston

30 Angus x Sim x Hereford Weaners

sired by Sugarloaf Angus Bulls

20 Sim x Hereford mixed sex yearlings

Good quality young cattle that perform.

A/c Targan Country Holdings P/L Halton

13 Angus Steers 10mths

11 Angus Heifers 10mths

sired by quality Sugarloaf Angus Bulls

A/c Bivaru P/L, Ravensdale

20 Angus Mixed Sex Weaners

A/c Jake Williams, Quirindi

12 Galloway mixed sex weaners/Yearlings

5 Galloway Cows mixed ages

Edale bloodlines.

A/c Hunter View Charolais

1 Charolais Bull 2yo Palgrove Blood

A/c Other Clients/Breeders, 

1 Pure Angus Bull 22 mths 

6 Jersey x Heifers 9mths (poddy reared)

10 Angus Steers 12mths

20 Angus/Brangus mixed sex Yearlings 
00 Weaner Steers & Heifers

100 Yearling Steers

50 Cows & calves

60 Cows PTIC

Your attendance is strongly recommended for a good offering of Store cattle

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52 Kyle Street, Rutherford. NSW 2320

Phone: (02) 4932 7066

Greg Lidbury 0419 498 561 Tony Bowe 0409 498 562

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