Store Cattle Sale

Saturday 21st April 2018

     Commencing 12:00 noon 

1000 + Quality Cattle 1000 +

A/c K & J Group P/L, Congewai

10 Angus Steers 2yrs

A/c Errol Patton, Elderslie 

15 Poll Hereford Steers 8/12mths

10 Poll Hereford Heifers 8/12mths

A/c Glenroy PTY, Gresford

60 Angus Steer weaners, well bred steers by Knowla Angus sires, weaners will be 7/9mths of age
A/c Abbottstone Pastoral, Scone

65 Angus mixed sex weaners. Sired by Waverley Angus Bulls

A/C Dr J Le-Guay, Gloucester

20 Angus mixed sex EU weaners 

A/c P & W Evison,

22 Angus & Murray Grey Steer weaners

A/c J & P Farragher, Seaham

10 Quality Angus Steers all

the latest genetics 8mths

A/c J & J Slack, Eccleston

20 Angus Steers 8mths Waverley sire

A/c J Burgman, Singleton

10 Speckle Park Steer weaners

A/c Greg Webb, MT White

16 Wagyu x Friesian Steers 12/15mths

A/c Kaituna Partnership

42 Angus Cows 5 to 7yrs PTIC to Charolais Bulls

to commence calving end of June

A/c Harold Johnson, Dungog

8 Angus Heifers PTIC to stud Angus

Pinecreek & Forres Blood

A/C W Talbot," The Glen"

Gloucester, Herd Dispersal

1 Pure Charolais bull 6 years

18 Shorthorn X Cows with Charolais

calves 3-5 mths, re-joined 

A/c The Breeder, Congewai

6 Angus Cows & calves quiet

A/c Michael Briody, Eccleston

7 Black Baldy Cows & calves 6/7mths

rejoined to Brangus Bull

5 Brangus Heifers 2 1/2 yrs PTIC Angus 

A/c Cloud Valley Farm, Yarramalong

10 Angus Cows PTIC

6 Angus Heifers 16mths

7 Angus Steers 16mths.

All Kennys Creek Angus Bloodlines

A/C Douglasdale Charolais

6 Registered Heifers, PTIC to registered bull

2 Charolais Bulls 2 & 3yrs old

A/c JM & B Cross, Red Angus Breeder

1 Red Angus Bull 2yrs

2 Red Angus Cows & calves 2&3yr old

A/C R&J Camilleri, Kulnura

14 Angus heifers 16mths un-joined 

A/c Bonnington Beef Station, Allynbrook

20 Angus & BB Heifers 18mths, vendor bred sired by

Sugarloaf & Knowla Stud Black Angus Bulls. NSM

A/C Allen Kearns, Clarence Town

1 Angus Bull 3years, quiet 

A/c M & U Watts, Paterson

2 Quality Pure Limousin Bulls 15/18mths

excellent quality vealer type & quiet

A/c Other Breeders/Vendors

200 Weaner Steers

150 Weaner Heifers

50 Cows & calves

50 Joined Cows / Heifers

Your attendance is recommended for a quality line up locally bred cattle.

Its a wonderful opportunity to get in and buy cattle at present as the market has soften quiet a lot compared to the same time last year. Once we see good rain out west or south the market will lift.

Please call us for further info

 Bowe & Lidbury Pty Ltd

52 Kyle Street, Rutherford. NSW 2320

Phone: (02) 4932 7066

Greg Lidbury 0419 498 561 Tony Bowe 0409 498 562

Michael Easey 0428 327 007 Rodney McDonald 0429 873 405