Livestock Sales


Special Store Cattle Sale
Saturday 19th September 2020 @ 12 noon

900 Quality Cattle 900
Featuring 100 Cows & calves, 200 Preg test, 350 Weaners, 150 Yearlings 

Entries Include: 

A/c Peter Redgrove, Singleton
20 Angus Steers 9/10 mths, yard weaned
Sired by KO Angus Bulls GF & AB Free

A/c T & L Norrie, Gloucester
10 Angus Steers 8mths GF & AB Free
Knowla blood, good quality

A/c S.R Crawford, Congewai Valley
25 Angus mixed sex weaners, Sugarloaf breeding GF & AB free

A/c P.J Richardson, Paterson
14 Angus Steers 16/20mths (quality)

A/c The Breeders, Gloucester
19 Angus mixed sex weaners
24 Angus & Angus x Steers 12/14mths
13 Angus & Angus x Heifers 12/14mths

A/c Matt Hobday, Peats Ridge
6 Angus Steer yearlings KO blood

A/c Marion Tollard, Dungog
12 Poll Hereford Steer Weaners

A/c Rodney Sansom, Woodberry
20 Angus mixed sex weaners
6 Angus Cows PTIC 
*** 2 Bison x Angus Cows joined to Angus bull first time to be offered in the area ***

A/c Graham Chevalley, Gresford
20 Angus/Brangus Steers Knowla blood
15 Brangus x Angus Cows & calves

A/c Stewart Everett, Gresford (Herd reduction)
11 Brangus Cows & calves rejoined to Limo
12 Brangus & Angus x Cows PTIC

A/c Phoenix Park Brangus
Stud Brangus Cows & Calves (calves 5mths)
Cows have been back to Stud Brangus Bulls

A/c Rosedale Park, Woodville
3 Braford Cows & calves
4 Black Baldy Cows & calves
3 Poll Hereford Cows & calves

A/c Jamberee Trees, Morpeth
10 Black Baldy Cows & 2nd calves 
5 Angus Cows & calves (quality)
10 Angus Heifers 12mths weaned

A/c Tigrah Pastoral, Gloucester (Prop Sold)
11 Angus Knowla Blood Heifers 2.5yo,
 PTIC to 
Knowla Angus Bull 

A/c Hills Pastorals, Lower Hunter
15 Angus Heifers 2yrs PTIC to Pinecreek Angus
good quality well grown females
20 Angus mixed sex weaners

A/c John Sylvester, Maitland
12 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC
10 Brangus Heifers 2yo PTIC
8 Charolais x Hereford Heifers 2yo PTIC
Quality heifers all preg tested in calf to Boambee Angus Bulls 

A/c Herbert Family, Complete Herd Dispersal
38 Angus & Angus X Cows PTIC to 
Limousin or Boambee Angus Bulls, mixed ages 

A/c B&K Haynes, Carrabolla
22 Angus heifers 8mths 
13 Angus steers 8mths 

A/c The Breeder, Hexham
70 Charolais/Angus mixed sex weaners 

A/c VC Miller, Wallarobba (WITHDRAWN)
1 Angus Bull 2yrs
Quiet, Sired DSK Monty Stock Joe 17

A/c Other Clients
150 Yearling Mixed Sexes 
250 Weaners Mixed sexes
100 Cows & calves Mixed ages & breeds
100 Cows/ Heifers PTIC or joined
2 Jersey Cows & calves 
1 Brangus x Limousin Bull 5yo
1 Angus Bull 5yo

Further entries invited & expected

Due to Covid-19, we ask for no children and anyone that has flu like symptoms to not attend the sale.
Everybody will have to register on entry into the saleyards. 

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Phone: (02) 4932 7066

Greg Lidbury 0419 498 561 Tony Bowe 0409 498 562

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