32nd Annual Feature Angus
& Angus x Female Sale
Saturday 6th March 2021 at 12noon

Cows & Calves

A/c Toni Lindley, Congewai Valley (Prop Sold)
21 Angus Cows & Angus calves 6/7 mths
Rejoined to Callemondah Angus bull
very quiet

A/c Ken Dark, Morpeth, Complete Herd
35 Angus Cows & Angus calves,
good quality - Talooby bloodlines

A/c D & T Farming, Gloucester, Herd Dispersal
35 Young Angus Cows & Angus calves
20 Angus & Angus x Cows & Angus calves

A/c Cloud Valley Farms, Yarramalong
10 Angus Cows & calves Kennys Creek blood,
Cows 6 to 8yo and rejoined  

A/c S & N Walton, Property Sold
12 Angus Cows & Angus calves

A/c M & T Rural, Clarence Town
10 Angus Cows (M-drop) & Angus calves
Forres, Sugarloaf & Urban bloodlines

A/c Barties Creek Farm, Nelsons Plains
8 Angus Heifers 2yo & Angus calves

A/c Cooreei, Dungog
12 Angus cows 5yo & Angus calves, EU
8 Angus x Santa cows 5yo & calves, EU

A/c W & P Munton, Millers Forest
15 Angus & BB Cows & Limo x calves

A/c Fig Tree Hills, Dungog
15 Angus & Angus x Cows & calves

A/c ACMS Pastorals, Lower Hunter
16 Angus Cows & Angus calves 2nd /3rd calvers

A/c The Breeder, Gloucester (Property Sold)
20 Angus Limousin x Cows & calves

A/c V & N Humphrey, Dungog
4 Angus Cows & Angus calves 3/6yo

A/c Marci Outtrim, Fulton 
5 Poll Hereford Cows & calves

A/c Bennett Family, Cessnock
5 Limousin x Heifers & calves

Preg Tested & Joined Females

A/c Weemillah, Gloucester

17 Knowla Blood Angus Heifers PTIC to 
LBW Knowla Angus Bull, to commence calving August

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
6 Angus Heifers PTIC to cc August to
Witherswood P80 & P151

A/c Fig Tree Hills, Dungog
50 Angus one mark 2yo Heifers PTIC to Sugarloaf
 blood Angus bulls, excellent quality & temperament, to cc August 

A/c Sylvester Cattle Co, Annambah
50 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC
25 Black Baldy Heifers 2yo PTIC
joined to Boambee & Sylvester LBW Angus 

A/c Kevinville Property, Scone
5 Pure Charolais Cows 3.5yo PTIC

A/c Sylvester Cattle Co, Gresford
14 Braford Heifers PTIC
10 Hereford Heifers PTIC
30 Santa & Angus x Santa Heifers joined from 23/12/20
10 Brangus Heifers PTIC
15 Murray Grey & MG X Heifers PTIC
Joined to Boambee & Sylvester LBW Angus 

A/c F & S Cowley, Woodville
10 Angus Heifers (mainly Sugarloaf blood) PTIC
Joined to Sugarloaf Payweight P168

A/c D & K Hudson, Dungog
3 Red Angus Heifers PTIC LBW Angus
2 Poll Hereford Heifers PTIC LBW Angus

A/c Jason Rumbel, Singleton
20 Brownswiss x Angus Heifers 2.5yo Joined to Angus

A/c Paul Clarkson, Wingham
14 Angus Cows PTIC to Angus Bull

Unjoined & Weaner Heifers
A/c Amber Park Stud
25 Angus Heifers 18 months - unjoined
Knowla & Curracabark bloodlines

A/c Warrington Angus, Munni
20 Angus Heifers 16 months - unjoined
Knowla & Sugarloaf Angus bloodlines
A/c Tallwoods, Yarramalong
10 Angus Heifers 16 months - unjoined

A/c Wallabrook Angus, Wallarobba
6 Angus Registered Heifers 16 months U/J
10 Angus Heifers 8 months

A/c Bennett Family, Cessnock
10 Angus Heifers 15mths unjoined

A/c The Angus Breeder, Singleton
48 Angus Heifers 14 to 16mths,good quality
sired by leading Sugarloaf Angus sires unjoined 

A/c Cloud Valley Farms 

5 Angus Heifers 12 months Kennys Creek Blood

A/c Tony Lawler, Mt White
10 Charolais Heifers 12mths unjoined

A/c Marilyn Seccombe, Morpeth
10 Angus Heifers 10 months, (Quality)
Millah Murrah Angus bloodlines - Sire details below

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
30 Angus Heifers 8/10 months, 
sired by leading Stud Angus sires from
Witherswood, Sugarloaf & Knowla Studs

A/c M & T Rural, Clarence Town
10 Angus Heifers 8 months
Sugarloaf & Urban Angus Bloodlines

A/c Tony Ziemba, Nelsons plains 
6 Black & Apricot Limousin heifers NSM 7/14mths

A/c The Breeder, Gloucester
24 Santa Angus & Limo x Heifers 12mths

A/c D & C Webb, Gloucester
4 Charolais Heifers 16 months NSM

A/c Jason Rumble, Singleton
10 Brownswiss x Angus Heifers 3 to 9 months

A/c Lilly May Limousins, Paterson
1 Black Poll Limousin Bull 16 months
1 Apricot Poll Limousin Bulls 16 months

A/c Other Bull Breeders
1 Pure Charolais Bull 17mths 
1 Pure Angus Bull 2yo

Further Entries Invited & Expected
This will be a very good quality yarding of locally bred females, with many of these selectively kept for this annual event. Your attendance is strongly recommended.  

A/c Marilyn Seccombe - Sire details for Angus heifers - Millah Murrah bloodlines