Livestock Sales


Annual Spring Female Cattle Sale
Saturday 30th October 2021
Commencing 12 noon

800 Quality Breeding Females 800
Cows & Calves:

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
3 Angus Verified Heifers & Angus calves
rejoined to Witherswood Lockup P80

A/c Cooreei, Dungog (EU)
12 Angus Heifers 3yo & Angus calves
5 Black Baldy Heifers 3yo & Angus calves
4 Angus Cows 5yo & Angus calves
2 Angus Cows 4yo & Angus calves
Outstanding line of EU young females & calves

A/c R & N Worth, Singleton
4 Angus Heifers & calves
4 Angus x Santa Heifers & calves
2 Shorthorn x Hereford Heifers & calves
3 Limousin Cows & calves 

A/c Phillip Mudd, Gloucester (Property Sold)
10 Angus & Black Baldy Heifers & calves
30 Angus & Black Baldy Cows & calves
10 Hereford Cows & Euro x calves
entire herd of quality, quiet females
all calves are sired by Riverflat Limousin Bulls

A/c Two Figgs, Nelsons Plains
10 Angus Cows & Angus calves

A/c Paul & Mel Mastin, Vacy
13 Angus Cows & Speckle Park x calves

A/c Anderson Farming, Nelsons Plains
12 Angus Cows & Angus calves rejoined to Angus 

A/c SR Crawford & sons, Congewai
7 Blue Shorthorn Cows & Angus calves
10 Angus Cows & Angus calves

A/c Peter Redgrove, Singleton
14 Angus & BB Cows & Angus calves

A/c D & KJ Wilson, Gloucester
9 Angus Cows & Angus calves Sugarloaf blood

A/c Rodney Sansom, Woodberry
12 Angus Cows & Angus calves
A/c Ramon Koots, Quorrobolong
3 Well bred Shorthorn Cows 7.5yo & Char x calves 

A/c Phoenix Park Brangus
3 Stud Brangus Cows & calves rejoined to Gunnadoo Park Brangus Bull

Pregtested in calf Heifers & Cows: 

A/c Anthony Deagan, Wootton
26 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC to Angus, 
Heifers Are Sugarloaf & Knowla Bloodlines 

A/c Two Figgs, Nelsons Plains
14 Angus Heifers PTIC 2yo to cc Feb 
15 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC cc March
All joined to quality Millwillah Angus Bulls

A/c D K C T Farming
30 Angus Heifers 2/3yo PTIC to Angus

A/c The Vendor, Blackhill
22 Santa x Droughtmaster Young Cows PTIC or calved

A/c SR Crawford & sons, Congewai
20 Angus & BB Cows PTIC to Angus

A/c Phillip Mudd, Gloucester, (Property Sold)
8 Angus Heifers PTIC
12 Angus & Black Baldy Cows PTIC
all females are joined to Riverflat Limousin bull

A/c Orrick Grazing, Quorrobolong
6 Angus Cows 3yo PTIC to Speckle Park

A/c Rodney Sansom, Woodberry
12 Angus Cows PTIC to Angus Bull 

A/c The Ex Dairyfarmer, Prop Sold
16 Friesian Heifers PTIC to Jersey Bull

Unjoined Heifers:

A/c Brian Hansen, Washpool
6 Pure Poll Hereford Heifers UJ by Mondeo Bull out of Bowen Cows

A/c Arthur Hawkins Poll Herefords Morpeth
3 Stud Poll Hereford Heifers 12/14months

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
6 Angus Verified Heifers U/J 15mths, sired by
the latest Angus gene pool

A/c Paul & Mel Mastin, Vacy
7 Angus Heifers 17 months

A/c Rose Briar Investments, Booral
28 Poll Limousin Heifers 18/24mths
6 Poll Black Limousin Heifers 18/24mths 
all heifers unjoined by Progress Major League M12

A/c Orrick Grazing, Quorrobolong
7 F1 Speckle Park Heifers 10 months

A/c K & B Berry, Dungog
2 Pure Charolais Bulls 16mths, by AI stud bulls
good quality young bulls

A/c Other Local Breeders

1 Pure Droughtmaster Bull 15 months Quiet
1 Palgrove Bred Charolais Bull 4yo (Breeding Details Below)

Other Clients:
100 Cows & calves
200 Preg tested females
100 yearling & weaner heifers

Further Entries Invited & Expected 

Please contact agents so we can properly market your livestock for auction