Maitland Annual Angus Female Sale & Cooreei Angus Bull Sale

March 2, 2024

Auction Angus Females & Bulls



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11:00 am


March 2, 2024


Annual Female Sale & Cooreei Angus Bull Sale

Maitland 34th Annual Angus Female Sale & Cooreei Angus Bull Sale
Saturday 2nd March 2024 – 10:30am Bulls – 11am Females

A/c Cooreei PTY LTD, Dungog – 10:30am start
20 outstanding quality Angus bulls rising 2yo, grassfed, vet checked, great temperament, sired by AI sires Millah Murrah Nectar, Spickler Power Point, Sterling Pacific & Knowla Monty.
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400 + Cows & calves 11am start:

A/c Innovative Processing, The Branch (Complete herd dispersal)
50 Angus & Angus x Cows & calves – rejoined
will be drafted into age groups – very quiet.

A/c Anderson Rural, Nelsons Plains
20 Angus Heifers 2yo & Angus calves
Forres, Sugarloaf & Urban Blood, VG Quality

A/c Cooreei PTY LTD, Dungog (EU)
6 Angus Heifers 2.5yo Springing or calved by sale
Sired by AI Glatz Complement Son (VG Quality)

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
4 Angus Heifers & Angus calves, calves sired by
Rennylea or Boambee Angus sires, rejoined to
Boambee Tsunami T8, (VG Quality)
4 Angus Cows 3yo & Angus calves rejoined to Boambee Surething S16

A/c B & J Varley, Gresford
12 Angus Heifers & Angus Calves 1-3mths

A/c Roberts Investments, Bulahdelah
10 Angus Cows 3/6yo  & Angus calves rejoined

A/c Oaklands Farm, Clarence Town
8 Angus Heifers & Angus calves Tivoli Blood rejoined
27 Angus Heifers & Angus calves sired by stud angus bulls all heifers are rejoined to Boambee Angus Bulls

A/c B & M Shearer, Singleton
5 Angus Heifers & Angus calves Main Camp blood rejoined to Segenhoe

A/c Wirragulla Quality Angus, Dungog
5 Angus Heifers (R) & Angus calves U/J, by Keystone Son
4 Angus Cows & Angus calves (quality)

A/c Portree Plains, Nelsons Plains (Herd Dispersal)
30 Angus Cows & Angus calves (3in1) PTIC to Knowla Blood Angus Bulls

A/c Hudson Bros, Gresford
16 Angus x Cows & calves 8yo

A/c Mark Butler, Stroud
12 Angus Cows & calves rejoined

A/c Hope Estate, Pokolbin
10 Angus Cows & calves

A/c J.S. Angus, Gloucester
10 Angus Cows & Spring Calves

A/c Percival Family, Buchanan
8 Angus Cows & angus calves rejoined
quiet females, Talooby bloodlines

A/c Wootton Way Pastoral
3 Angus Cows 6yo & calves

A/c Robyn Hyde, Vacy
5 Angus Cows & angus Calves

A/c Fishermans Lodge, Bakers Creek
8 Angus Cows & angus calves PTIC (3in1)

A/c New Client, Dungog
4 Brangus Heifers & calves rejoined

A/c R & B Livestock
3 Red Angus Cows & 2nd calf
3 Angus Heifers & calves Bongongo bld

150 + Pregtest Females:

A/c F.W. Pastoral
13 Angus cows PTIC 2nd calvers to Forres,
Te Mania & Booramooka blood females

A/c R & J Manning, Lower Belford
10 Angus x Brangus Heifers 2.5yo PTIC to LBW Avonleigh
Angus Bull joined for 8 weeks to calve from 1/5/24
8 Angus Heifers Joined from 1/1/24 to Angus
3 Angus Cows Sugarloaf blood PTIC, cc 1/5/24

A/c Roberts Investments, Bulahdelah
11 Angus Cows 2nd calvers PTIC to Millah Murrah Bull

A/c J.S. Angus, Gloucester
10 Angus Heifers 2yrs PTIC to Knowla Bull

A/c Percival Family, Buchanan
6 Angus Heifers 2yo PTIC to LBW Angus to cc April

A/c Wootton Way Pastoral
6 Angus Cows 6yo PTIC to Angus

A/c Lyndon Oaks, Maitland
6 Angus x Friesian Heifers PTIC/ Springing

A/c D & R Walters,
7 Speckle Park Heifers PTIC to Angus

250 + Unjoined Heifers:

A/c Amber Park Stud
34 Angus Heifers 18mths unjoined
Boambee Blood, VG Quality, 400-450kgs

A/c Wallabrook Angus, M & C Fisher, Wallarobba
5 Stud Angus Heifers, 15-18mths unjoined
Sired by a Talooby Bull

A/c R & J Manning, Lower Belford
10 Angus Heifers 20mths U/J Skibo & Knowla blood

A/c Lyndon Oaks, Maitland 
6 Angus x Friesian Heifers Unjoined 20mths

A/c Wirragulla Quality Angus, Dungog
5 Angus Heifers 18mths U/J by Knowla or AI

A/c Rodney Sansom, Woodberry
15 Angus Yearling Heifers quiet.

A/c Boambee Angus, East Seaham
3 Yearling Angus Heifers Mackas blood ready to join

A/c Glenliam Farm, Clarence Town
6 Angus Heifers 15/16mths NSM Waverley Bld
7 Angus x Limousin Heifers NSM Warragal bld

A/c The Breeder, Clarence Town
25 Angus weaner heifers, Knowla, Sugarloaf & Boambee blood

A/c Phoenix Park Brangus, Phoenix Park
6 Black Brangus Heifers 15mths Gunnadoo blood

Now taking entries for this great annual event, this sale always represents some of the best Angus females from the Lower Hunter Valley, please contact agents to book cattle in so we can properly market them for Auction.

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